Harbor Cove Community Association

2019 Annual Calendar

Please note that Association meetings are subject to change. Please refer to your most recent newsletter or contact Keystone for updated information.


✓ Adopt New Calendar Dec 2018
✓ Legislative Update
✓ Approve Election Company Proposal
January 9th - Board Meeting

✓ Mail Call for Candidates form w/ March newsletter
✓ Manager Certification Disclosure
✓ Financial archive purge
February 6th - Board Meeting

✓ Preliminary Budget draft
✓ File Secretary of State Non-Profit Status (even years)
March 6th - Board Meeting

✓ Approve Budget and Policies
✓ Insurance Policy for HOA renews
✓ Request CPA proposals
✓ Annual meeting Candidates form due
✓ Mail Annual Meeting Notice & Proxy
April 3rd - Board Meeting

Annual Budget Mailing by the 31st: Budget, Delinquency Policy, ADR, insurance summary, arc guidelines (per Civil Code)
Annual billing
May 1st - Board Meeting

Annual Meeting/Organizational Meeting
Order new bank signature cards for Annual Meeting
Prepare extra agendas, copy of previous year minutes, confirm attendance, financial handouts
Notice of results mail to membership within 15 days
Review and approve Audit/Tax preparation proposal
Fiscal Year ends June 30th
No Monthly Board Meeting
June 5th - Annual Board Meeting

Prepare Annual Meeting minutes and update board roster
Review established policies with the new Board
Implement Budget
Accumulated fund transfer
Obtain holiday lighting proposals
July 3rd - Board Meeting

Approval holiday lighting proposal
August 7th - Board Meeting

Review and approve draft Audit
Unpaid member assessment follow-up communication
September 4th - Board Meeting

Mail Audit to homeowners (prior to October 31st)
October 2nd - Board Meeting

Unpaid member assessment follow-up communication
November 6th - Board Meeting

December 4th - Board Meeting

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