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Answers to common questions for homeowners of Bear Brand Ranch Community Association

Q1. I have a new vehicle that I need added to the gate system so that I can obtain an RFID transponder tag for the headlight.
A1. The software for the gate system at Bear Brand Ranch is offered by Dwelling Live.╩ Go to www.dwellinglive.com; click on Community Solutions; click on Log On; enter your email address and password; go to Vehicles and then Add Vehicle or you can send the new vehicle information to BearBrand@KeystonePacific.com.╩Contact Keystone to receive an RFID transponder tag or obtain the form from the main guardhouse & email it to BearBrand@KeystonePacific.com.

Q2. I cannot access the Dwelling Live gate access system.
A2. The system is accessed with an email address and password. If you have never established an email address and/or password for the gate access system, or have forgotten your password, please contact Keystone at 949-833-2600.

Q3. Is overnight parking on the street allowed?
A3. Overnight parking on the private streets within the community is not allowed. If you have a special circumstance whereby it will be necessary for family or guests to park on the street in front of your home for a specified period of time, please contact Keystone at 949-833-2600.

Q4. I will be sending in an application for architectural approval. How many sets of plans do I need to submit?
A4. Three (3) sets of plans are required.

Q5. Where do I send my architectural application and when will it be reviewed:
A5. Architectural submissions should be sent to Keystone. The architectural meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month at 10:00 a.m. in the office of Keystone. Your submission should be received by Keystone 2 weeks before the meeting date in order to be placed on the Agenda for review at the meeting.

Q6. How can I discuss a matter of concern with The Board?
A6. You can always send your concerns in writing to Keystone. They will be presented to The Board and Management will respond to you with their response to your concern. You can also attend Board Meetings that are held at the Dana Hills Tennis Center, 24911 Calle de Tenis in Dana Point.╩You should call Keystone ahead of the meeting to ensure that quorum was met and the meeting is still scheduled.

Q7. How do I obtain an RFID transponder tag for my vehicle so my vehicle will be recognized at the gates?
A7. You can obtain the form in the Documents and Forms section of the website.╩Please complete the form and send it to Keystone following the instructions on the form.

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