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Board Meeting - January 22, 2019 @ 9am
Adopt 2019 Annual Calendar
Review and approve Security/Access Protocols for gate access system
Board Policy review and re-adoption
Award contract for Reserve Study preparation - 2/2017 site inspection - next one due 2020
Review 2019 Reserve Projects
Manager Certification Disclosure
Begin budget review for operating - reserve pending new study
Quarterly maintenance - surveillance cameras -Perimeter Protection
Street Inspection - Last seal coat done in 2018
Legislation Updates


No Board Meeting
Request proposals for CPA Audit & Tax Prep

No Board Meeting

Board Meeting - April 16, 2019 @ 9am
Approve budget draft with reserve summary
Award contract for Audit/Tax Preparation
Discuss 4th of July - Patrol for fireworks
Approval of Budget and Annual Disclosure documents
Quarterly maintenance - surveillance cameras - Perimeter Protection

No Board Meeting
*Annual Budget Mailing by May 30th
Individual reserve allocations to Controller for new fiscal year
Begin tree trimming evaluation - Landscape Committee to approve
Weed Abatement Program - Bemus Landscape to provide bid/Committee approves within budget
Obtain bids for professional Inspection of Election
Annual renewal ET Water System (SmarTimers) - renewal date 5/19/19

Board Meeting June 18, 2019 @ 9am
Fiscal year ends June 30th
Secretary of State Filing - odd years *last one done 2017, next due 2019
Nominating Committee Recommendations/Annual Meeting
Set Agenda for Annual Meeting
Finalize date, time, and location for Annual Meeting
Consider inviting Insurance Agent to October Meeting - obtain bids if Board wishes for renewal of November 2019
Award contract for Inspector of Election

No Board Meeting
New fiscal year budget starts July 1st
Re-allocate surplus reserves/fiscal year end
CPA to begin audit
Landscape Committee to review holiday lighting
Drainage and v-ditch maintenance plan for fall - discuss with Bemus Landscape & Landscape Committee
Weed Abatement deadline - July 15th
Mail Request for Candidates form with billing
Quarterly maintenance surveillance cameras - Perimeter Security

No Board Meeting
Compile election info and forward to Inspectors for preparation of Notice & Ballot
Income Taxes filed and Financial Audit draft completed

No Board Meeting
Mail Annual Meeting Notice & Ballot (at least 30 days prior to meeting)
Order new bank signature cards for Annual Meeting
Review guard services/Securitas Security

Annual Meeting/Election & Board Meeting - October 15, 2019 @ 6pm
15 day Member disclosure of voting results
Seating of Board Officers & establish meeting dates for upcoming year
Review Committees
Approval of Audit
Mail Audit to membership prior to October 31st
Set 2020 Project Goals with new Board
Quarterly maintenance surveillance cameras - Perimeter Security
Management Contract Review
Schedule cleaning of v-ditches & drains - winter preparedness

No Board Meeting
All insurance renewals - 11/22/19 - LaBarre/Oksnee
Update Board Roster and Committee Roster
Request Reserve Study proposals

No Board Meeting
* Quarterly legal disclosure if applicable

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