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Q1. Where can I get an architectural application?
A1. You can download the Ridge at Belmont architectural application and guidelines by visiting the CC&R and Forms section of the website. (NOTE: Please be advised some portions of the website are password protected so please refer to the Association newsletter or you may call our office). Please note there is an application for home improvement and one application for exterior paint. Or, if you prefer we can email, fax, or send it via regular mail, please allow us to know how we may best assist you.

Q2. Do I need approval to make modifications to my home?
A2. Yes, you will need to secure architectural approval before completing any home improvements (including painting, landscape, hardscape, roof, windows, etc.) Please note you will need to submit 3 complete copies with plans, brochures and/or pictures attached to each application. Please review The Ridge at Belmont Association Architectural Guidelines to ensure you have all the required documentation.

Q3. Do I need approval if I am painting the exterior of my home the same paint color?
A3. If you are planning on painting your home the same exact paint colors you will proceed with submitting a completed ³Intent to Paint Form² (see CC&R and Forms section), and there is no neighbor awareness necessary. You will also need to include ³before and after² photos with color chips so that your homeowner file is updated.

Q4. Where can I view the Ridge at Belmont pre-approved paint colors?
A4. Vista Paint, 2341 N. Tustin Avenue, Orange, CA 92865. When you go into the store you will ask to view the Ridge at Belmont paint color schemes.

Q5. When are architectural applications due?
A5. There is no designated monthly architectural review meeting. The Architectural Review Committee reviews the applications as they come in.

Q6. How do I get a new mailbox key and/or my mailbox lock is broken.
A6. Unfortunately, Keystone does not have mailbox keys. You will need to contact a locksmith for new mailbox keys or mailbox lock repairs.

Q7. Does the Association treat the common area behind my home for pests (rats and gophers)?
A7. Yes, please contact Keystone and we will issue a work order to the licensed Contractor.

Q8. Can the Association do anything about the dog that is always barking in our neighborhood?
A8. This is considered a neighbor-to-neighbor issue and the Association does not get involved. We recommend speaking with your neighbor directly. You can also contact Animal Control Services to assist you at or via phone at 714-796-6442.

Q9. Can the Association do anything about the car that appears to be abandoned on our street?
A9. Please note the streets in the Ridge at Belmont are City streets so you will have to contact the City of Orange to report the situation. You can contact them at Code Compliance at 714.744.5555.

Q10. Where do our Associations Dues Go?
A10. This is a question often asked by homeowners in an Association. In summary, your assessments pay the costs to run a nonprofit, mutual benefit corporation. The collected funds pay for the administration needs of the business, such as
annual audits
legal expenses
tax filings
membership mailings
delinquent assessment collections
as well as the physical maintenance of the monuments, common area land, including landscape maintenance, tree trimming, irrigation repair and maintenance, landscape replacement, irrigation water and electrical power.

In addition, the corporation is required by State Legislature to set aside a specific portion of the assessments in a Reserve Account to fund the repair and maintenance of capital improvements, such as entry monuments, irrigation controllers, wall and fence maintenance/replacement, etc.