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Q1. I would like to repaint my home, do I need approval?
A1. If you are painting the same color as the existing you do not need to submit; however, if you are changing the color, approval is necessary.

Q2. How do I go about submitting an application to make changes to my home?
A2. You will need to secure architectural approval before beginning any home improvement. You may find the Application by clicking on CCRs and Forms. NOTE: The page is password protected, so refer to your monthly newsletter or you may call Keystone for assistance. You will then be able to download the Architectural application. Or, if you prefer we can email, fax, or send it via regular mail, please allow us to know how we may best assist you.

Q3. My neighbor has a barking dog, will the Association take care of this?
A3. The Association can send a compliance letter; however, we have found that the involvement of Animal Control Services is much more effective in dealing with this situation. Please navigate onto to initiate the Barking Dog Procedure.

Q4. What do my assessments pay for, since we don't have a community pool?
A4. Unfortunately the developer of our community, William Lyon Homes, did not plan for a pool facility in our community. The majority of our assessments cover the extensive landscape (maintenance, water, electricity) of our common areas which include greenbelts along Cherry, Trabuco, and Second as well as planter areas on almost every street in our community. This also covers the insurance, administration, repairs and maintenance throughout the community.

Q5. My neighbor is parking their vehicles on the street in front of my home. Can the Association send them a letter?
A5. The streets in Bennett Ranch are public streets which means they are owned, maintained and enforced by the City of Lake Forest. There are parking regulations and enforcement by the City. Please contact City of Lake Forest Police Services at (949) 770-6011.

Q6. Can I pay my assessments online or have them deducted from my checking account?
A6. Yes, we have an auto-debit program (ACH) that you can enroll in at no charge. This will automate your payment process and your assessment will be deducted from your checking account each month without any fees. Please click here if you wish to obtain an enrollment form. If you wish to go online to make a one-time payment from your credit card or checking account, please click here; however, please note that there is a service fee associated with this type of transaction.

Q7. I have a tree from the common area dropping leaves on my property and I would like it removed. How do I go about doing that?
A7. Please see the Association's Tree Removal Policy and if you wish to proceed further, please submit a written request for consideration by the Board of Directors. (You'll need to log in because this document is in a password protected area.)

Q8. When are the Board meetings and where are they held?
A8. The Board of Directors meet bi-monthly (even months), first Wednesday, homeowner forum begins at 6:30pm. The meetings are held at the Keystone Rancho Office, 30021 Tomas, Suite 160, Rancho Santa Margarita. Check newsletters and/or billing statements for any changes.

Q9. Who do I call to report street light outages?
A9. Southern California Edison, 800.611.1911.

Q10. I would like to replace my mailbox; how do I go about that?
A10. 1. Mailboxes shall be maintained by each homeowner. Replacement mailboxes shall conform to the design, size and material established within the tract.
2. The original mailboxes in the community were black. The mailboxes can be changed to white when replaced; however, each of the mailboxes on that support structure (post) must be changed at the same time as agreed upon by those affected homeowners.
3. Mailbox support structures shall be maintained by the homeowner on whose property the structure is situated. Support must be painted black, brown, tan or white.
4. Please submit an architectural application prior to change.