Follow this link to set up an account for Online Payment: Make your Monthly Payment Online!
*Please be advised there is a $9.95 fee for the e-Pay service.

Note: A new window will open so that these instructions will still be available. Please enable pop-ups.

1) Click on Make Payment


2) Enter your Association name:


3) Click Search Associations

4) Verify that you have selected the correct Association,
then click Enter Account #


5) When asked to Enter Account # - use the 8 digit numbers on the bottom of your statement as seen highlighted below.
(Note: this is different than the Account Number listed above Amount Due on the statement)

statement account

6) Follow the remaining instructions by entering the required information.

Click here to access the e-Pay system: Make your Monthly Payment Online!
Note: The button link will open in a new window. Please enable pop-ups.

Please call with any questions.
Progressive Accounting Team