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Please Note: Street Sweeping days are the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the Month between 7am and 2pm. Please remember to move all vehicles from the street on these designated days.


Member Billing
Financial audit to begin
No BARK newsletter -Noted
Approve 2019 Annual Calendar
Review policies with new board members, if applicable
2019 Legislative Updates
Welcome Committee Volunteer-Appointment for January-March
Annual Manager Certification Disclosure
Implement new Budget /Reserve Fund Balance Allocations/Accumulated Fund Distribution
Bank statement reconciliations in Board packet-Quarterly
Board of Directors Meeting: January 8, 2019

2019 Reserve Projects
Obtain pool monitors proposals (include lifeguard & monitors/revise scope of work)
Pool heat turn on date-discussion
Legal Retainer Renewal: February 28th
Request/Receive an Annual Compliance Check list from Cal Sparkle Pools
Board of Directors Meeting: February 12, 2019

Pool monitor/lifeguard service bid selection/to begin Spring Break, (weekends until school is out, full time until school is back in session in June) Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day
Financial audit/taxes approval/mailing to membership prior to 4.30.18
Welcome Committee Volunteers Appointment for April-June
Perform Aeration/Fertilization at Park turf area
Pool heater to be turned on/date selection-Pilera Announcement and Work Order
Pool decking - 2019 Goal
Pool office/storage room expansion -2019 Goal
Board of Directors Meeting: March 12, 2019

Member Billing
Pool heater to be turned On-Spring Break-increase janitorial & pool service contracts
Pool contract renews
Landscape contract renews
Check pool area deep cleaning/clean/repair lounge chairs on pool deck before Spring Break
Financial Audit to be mailed to all homeowners prior to April 30th
Rainmaster/SmartTimer Irrigation Satellite Subscription Renewal
Monument Tree Trimming at entries per landscape contract (March/April)
Drain pool every two to three years-Pool drained in 2017. Drain 2020 or upon re-plaster project
VGB Pool Anti-Suction Drain Covers replaced in 2014-replace every five years (2019)
Approve Gators Schedule-Pilera Announcement
Bank statements reconciliations included in Board packet
Board of Directors Meeting: April 9, 2019

May 4th - Shred & Breakfast for the Cure to benefit LLS 9:00-11:30 am at Progressivešs Office in MV
Obtain bids for Reserve Study
Lifeguard Service begins at the start of Memorial Day weekend
Gators to store team refrigerator in Pool Office with removal after July 4th
Send Gators Reminder of Pool Responsibilities as condition of use
Present Event Planning Calendar-Movies in Park (Dates)
Obtain proposals for Annual Tot-Lot Safety inspection
Board of Directors Meeting: May 14, 2019

Select Reserve Study contractor
Secretary of State Non Profit filing: odd years
Swim Team's Fourth of July Party-Pilera Announcement and Irrigation Work Order-in process, announcement calendared for last week of June.
Movies in the Park: Pilera Announcement and Irrigation Work Order
Select vendor to perform Annual Tot Lot Safety inspection
Obtain tree trimming bids-park area and monuments
Obtain bids from Election Companies/Request custom stationary & envelopes
Welcome Committee Volunteers Appointment for July-September
Board of Directors Meeting: June 12, 2019

Member Billing
Begin Preparation Pro-Forma Budget-2020-set committee and location of meeting
Swim Team to place refrigerator into storage for 10 months, removal annually
Movies in the Park- Pilera Announcement and Irrigation Work Irrigation reminder
Request Holiday Lighting Bids (with all four locations only north side has outlets)
Invite insurance agent to the September meeting/Request renewal package
Bank reconciliations included in Board Packet-June next review October
Welcome-Quarterly Agenda Item-2nd Quarter Moves
Board of Directors Meeting: July 9, 2019

Obtain Holiday Decorating Proposals for Monuments (decorations in storage from 2019).
Movies in the Park: Pilera and Irrigation Work Order
W/O for Landscape Company - Inspect/Check for plant material installed during block end planting project, for possible warranty items needed.
No BARK newsletter
Obtain bid for Annual Thatch and Rye
No Board meeting- Budget Meeting

Send Board Candidacy application with 4th Quarter billing
Lifeguard Service ends at the end of Labor Day weekend
Approve Holiday Lighting Company, agenda
Park Thatch & Annual Rye bid review, agenda
Appoint Nominating Committee for Annual Election, agenda
Set November Annual Meeting Date (Separate from General Meeting/invite Counsel)
Approve Annual Tree Trimming Bids
Obtain CPA Audit proposals
Welcome Committee Volunteers Appointment for October-December
Board of Directors Meeting-September 10, 2019

Member Billing
Decrease janitorial & pool service-janitorial 1/x per week in the park (trash)
Obtain approval for Reserve Study/Budget and all Policies
Approve proposal for year- end CPA services -financial audit and tax preparation
Election Services to mail Election notices/ballots/candidacy statements (stamped return.)
Landscaper to trim all block end community trees, ongoing
Winterize the Pool Area/storage of furniture/umbrellas
Daylight Savings- Adjustment of Clocks/Timers
Park Volleyball net removal for season-work order to Landscape crew
Scale back Member Compliance in the holiday spirit-discussion
Insurance Package Renewal. (approved September)
Bank reconciliations included in Board packet
Janitorial contract renews
Board of Directors Meeting: October 8, 2019

Mail Budget and Policy Package by November 30th
Annual Meeting/Election
Organizational Meeting to follow or within ten days /Bank Signature Cards
Election Tall Results Notice to membership within 15 days of Annual Meeting/Election
Pool heat off following Halloween-November 5, 2019
Board of Directors Meeting: November 12, 2019

Prepare Annual Meeting Minutes and update Board Roster
Fiscal year ends 12/31
Reserve allocations to the Controller for 2020
December BYE - Happy Holidays!

*Quarterly legal disclosure - if applicable