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Lantern Bay Estates

Q1. I am planning on remodeling my home, how do I proceed?
A1. Here is a quick link to the Architectural Applications and Guidelines. Once you submit your application and plans to Keystone, they will be processed and forwarded to the Architectural Committee for review.

Q2. My neighbor has a barking dog, will the Association take care of this?
A2. The Association can send a compliance letter; however, we have found that the involvement of Animal Control Services is much more effective in dealing with this situation. Please contact Animal Services at (949) 492-1617.

Q3. How do I go about changing my guest information with the guardhouse?
A3. Please contact Keystone - - and the appropriate form will be sent to you to update your contact and guest information. Progressive will forward the updated information to the guards.

Q4. I purchased a new vehicle and need a new decal, how do I obtain one?
A4. Please contact Keystone - - and we will assist you with obtaining the new decal.

Q5. My neighbor's tree is blocking my ocean view but I don't want to approach them. Will the Association help with this?
A5. We ask that you make the initial contact with your neighbor as this typically resolves the issue amicably; however, if further assistance is needed, please send written correspondence to Keystone @ so that the Association Board may review this issue.

Q6. I have a request for landscape maintenance on the common area slope near my home, who do I contact?
A6. Please contact Keystone, by clicking on either the Contacts tab or Maintenance Request tab at the top of the web page or call us at 949-833-2600.

Q7. There is a common area sprinkler that has been stuck on for more than 15 minutes, who do I contact?
A7. Please contact Keystone at 949-833-2600 and if it is after business hours, you should follow the emergency paging instructions on their phone system.

Q8. Where are Lantern Bay Board meetings held?
A8. Lantern Bay meetings will be held at a Board members home and this will change monthly. Please refer to the newsletter for the location and meeting times.

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