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We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your community!
The Progressive Benefits
We ask that you review and compare the benefits of our "Full Service Contract". We feel that this will provide you, as a director, a comprehensive management program that you can trust, accurately budget for and count on. Our contract includes:
  • Management's attendance at monthly and annual meetings providing you professional guidance, proper documentation and minutes transcription.

  • No Charge for all administrative copies, supplies, postage, telephone calls and facsimile transmissions which are required for the day-to-day operations and management of your community; alleviating any non-budgeted, unanticipated surprises!

  • Preparation of a comprehensive Board packet, provided to all Board members approximately one week prior to the meeting, providing you ample review and preparation time.

  • Creation of a customized newsletter which is mailed to each Owner with their billing statement; maintaining consistent and positive communication with the membership and relieving the administrative burden from community volunteers.

  • Creation/design and monthly administration of a custom, community sub-domain website for additional communication efforts and community identity and pride.

  • Progressive's insurance coverage includes an Errors and Ommissions policy and Fidelity Bonding.

  • Social events within the community promoting good will, unity and community spirit amongst the members; bringing a whole new prospective to the members image of their association, their Board and their management all working together for the betterment of their neighborhood.

  • Property site inspections with detailed reports provided; recognizing landscape, maintenance, liability and community compliance issues which can be immediately acted upon by management.

  • Courteous, positive and objective administration of CC&R compliance, with detailed tracking reports and thank-you post cards sent to members acknowledging their cooperation.

  • Comprehensive architectural administration minimizing the association's exposure to unreasonable legal action.

  • In-house, monthly financial reporting and bank reconciliation, with an in-depth report provided to the Board treasurer within five working days of month-end. Processing of all payables with periodic check cutting, maintaining in-house control, proper budgetary coding and timely payments.

  • Association will receive the benefit of ALL late charges and reserve money market interest with a no-service charge banking arrangement.

  • Assertive delinquency policy program, allowing the Association to act swiftly and collect assessments while member balances are still low.

  • Timely mailing of assessment billing statement to all owners with return envelopes for their convenience.

We pride ourselves with this all-inclusive program that will provide a positive and "progressive" approach to management.
We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!