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Trash pickup is weekly on Friday.

No Street Parking 2nd and 4th Thursdays from 8am-4pm to allow the street sweeper to effectively clean.

*Please note that Association meetings are subject to change. Please refer to your most recent newsletter or contact Keystone for updated information.


Meeting: January 16, 2019
a. Fiscal year begins
b. Review reserve projects
c. Implement new budget
d. Audit to begin
e. Review policies
f. Individual Reserve Allocations to Controller for new year
g. Adoption of New Calendar - Completed
h. Secretary of State Filing
i. Manager Certification Disclosure
j. Legislation Updates
k. Insurance Package Renewal

Meeting - Bye for February
a. Audit draft approval - mail by April 30
b. Newsletter with billing (quarterly after each meeting)
c. Obtain Inspector of Elections Proposal
d. Obtain proposals for fall tree trimming

Meeting: March 20, 2019
a. Taxes signed and file 3/15/17 - Audit approval March Meeting
b. Obtain Reserve Study Proposals
c. Audit to be mailed to all members prior to April 30
d. Present Inspector of Elections Proposal
e. Present Bids/fall tree trimming

Meeting - Bye for April
a. Annual street inspection - Repairs completed 2/18 and Slurry seal 4/18
b. Fourth of July Event Planning
c. Storm drain cleaning bids/last cleaned: 2018
d. Holiday Lighting Planning
e. New for 2019: Obtain school safety officer proposal

Meeting: May 15, 2019
a. Newsletter with June billing
b. Review/accept Reserve Study proposals
c. Review Holiday Lighting Proposals
May 4th - "Shred & Breakfast for the Cure" to benefit LLS 9:00-11:30 am at Progressivešs Office in MV

Meeting: Bye for June
a. Prepare Budget Draft for July Meeting
b. Holiday Color Planning

Meeting: July 17, 2019
a. Budget Draft Review/Review Reserve Study

Meeting: Bye for August
a. Send Request for Candidacy form with September Billing
b. Newsletter with billing

Meeting: September 18, 2019
a. Obtain audit bids
b. Invite insurance agent to November meeting to discuss renewal

Meeting: Bye for October
a. Obtain approval for final budget
b. Approve audit/tax preparation bids

Meeting: November 27, 2019, *one week later than usual
a. Prepare for Annual Meeting - Mail Meeting Notice/Ballot
b. Mailing of budget, delinquency, reserve study, ADR, Architectural Procedures by 11/30/18
c. Newsletter with billing

Meeting: Meeting: December 11, 2019 / Annual Meeting Only
a. Fiscal Year End 12/31
b. New Bank Signature Cards
c. Annual Meeting/Election Results within 15 days
* Quarterly legal disclosure if applicable