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Answers to common questions of Huntington Beach Hamptons Homeowners
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Q1. Who maintains the riding trails that surround the community?
A1. For the most part, the Association exlusively maintains the trails that are adjacent to the Hamptons community perimeter except when the trail is adjacent to more than one community. If you have a concern or a maintenance request, please contact Keystone at 949-833-2600.

Q2. My neighbors' dog barks all day and into the night. What can I do?
A2. This is a nuisance and a disturbance of the peace. You can either call the non-emergency number for the Police Department at (714) 536-5511 or Animal Control at 714-945-7419. Alternately you can file a complaint online: www.cityof

Q3. Do I need approval to paint my house?
A3. The Association has approved paint color schemes. If you plan to paint your house, you can receive one of the paint color books by contacting Keystone at 949-833-2600; the book is also available in their office for your review. Painting in one of the approved color schemes does not require approval. Approval will be required if you should change the colors in any way.

Q4. My daughter was home from college and mistakenly parked on the street received a ticket on her car on street sweeping day. What happens now?
A4. The Patrol Company will issue a warning ticket twice to the same vehicle before the vehicle will be towed.

Q5. How can I get on The Board of Directors?
A5. Every year, 60 days before the Annual Meeting date, a Candidacy Form is sent for any homeowner to complete and return to be added to the ballot. Depending on the year, there could be 2 or 3 positons open.

Q6. Can I park in my driveway?
A6. It is preferred that vehicles are parked in the garage and in the driveway.

Q7. How can I obtain the original plan/blueprint of my home?
A7. They are "not" on file with Keystone. Hopefully you can obtain it by contacting The City of Huntington Beach/Planning Department at (714) 536-4411.

Q8. The street light in front of my home is out; what can I do to get it working again?
A8. All of the concrete style street lights are maintained by SCE. You may report outages to SCE at 800.622.2922 or online at The metal street lights are owned/maintained by the Association, please contact Keystone for Assistance.

Q9. If I want to redesign my front yard landscape/hardscape, what do I need to do?
A9. Submit a completed application along with a drawing or landscape design plan that shows dimensions and property lines. Contact Keystone for assistance.