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An overview of Trinidad Island HOA
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Q1. Where can I get architectural application?
A1. You may retrieve an application from this website under Documents and "CCRs & Forms" or contact Progressive Community Management at 949-582-7770

Q2. Do I need approval to make modifications to my home?
A2. Yes, you will need to secure architectural approval before completing any home improvements (including painting, landscape, hardscape, roof, windows, etc.)  Please review the Trinidad Island Homeowners Association Architectural Guidelines on the Trinidad Island website in the CC&Rs and Forms section. The user ID and password are listed in the Community Newsletter. Please note you will need to submit your complete application along with Neighbor Awareness Form and 3 copies of plans, brochures and/or color pictures attached to your application.

Q3. Do I need approval if I am painting the exterior of my home the same paint color?
A3. Yes, you still need to secure approval before painting the existing colors. Please remember when you submit your architectural application you will need to include paint chip samples and also notate on your application where the paint will be placed on the home.

Q4. When does the Architectural Review Committee meet to review the architectural applications?
A4. The Architectural Review Committee meets on an as needed basis. The Architectural Review Committee has 30 days to provide a response to an architectural submittal.

Q5. Does Trinidad Island have pre-approved paint colors?
A5. No, they are custom paint colors, but they also have a custom palette scheme book that was developed by a Color Consultant for assistance. Palette book is available by contacting Progressive.

Q6. Who do I contact in regards to the common area landscape work order requests?
A6. Please contact Progressive Community Management at 949-582-7770.

Q7. Can my Contractor work on Sunday?
A7. As many of our owners are getting busy with home repairs and modifications, please take note that as a courtesy to all our neighbors there is no contractor work allowed on Sundays or major holidays unless emergency in nature. Should you need to review the community's guidelines in depth, they are available in the CC&Rs and Forms section. The user ID and password are listed in the Community Newsletter.

Q8. Can the Association do anything about the dog that is always barking in our neighborhood?
A8. This is considered a neighbor to neighbor issue and the Association may not get involved. We recommend speaking with your neighbor directly. You can also contact Animal Control Services to assist you at or via phone at 714-796-6442.

Q9. What can the Association do regarding the cars that are always parking on the street?
A9. Please feel free to contact the City of Huntington Beach at 714-536-5511 5511 as the City owns and maintains and enforces codes.

Q10. Does the Association replace the mailboxes?
A10. No, homeowners are required to submit an architectural application and secure approval from the Architectural Review Committee before replacing their mailbox. Per Architectural Guidelines page 7 Item - N.

Q11. Where can I obtain a Dock Key? What is the cost?
A11. Please send a check made payable to Trinidad Island Homeowners Association in the amount of $10.00. Please notate your dock number in the memo section of the check. Please mail the check to Progressive Community Management Attn: Jacquelyn Barlow 27405 Puerta Real Suite 300, Mission Viejo, CA 92691.

Q12. Who do I report if a dock light is not working properly?
A12. Please contact Progressive Community Management at 949-582-7770 or process a maintenance request and we will issue a work order to our licensed vendor to make the repair.

Q13. Do you have a vendor to help me with Dingy Dock installation/repairs?
A13. Yes, please feel free to contact the following company:
Southshore Marine - Cisco - 714-401-6427

Please note once you have the specifications from the vendor you will be required to submit an architectural application minus the Neighbor Awareness Form to the offices of Progressive Community Management. Once the completed application and plans are received we will send it to the Dock Committee for their review and decision.

Q14. Does the Association have dingy docks for rent?
A14. The Association does not have any dingy docks.

Q15. Does the Association have a list of docks available for rent or sale or know how much I should rent my dock for?
A15. The Association does not keep a list of docks for rent or sale. Please feel free to walk the marina and look for signs indicating docks available for rent/saleor check local on-line sites. The price will be determined between the two parties. The Association does not set the rent dock fee. Please  note that any dock rental must be to another Trinidad Island resident. NO RENTALS FOR NON-COMMUNITY RESIDENTS!  

Q16. Where do our Associations Dues Go?
A16. This is a question often asked by homeowners in an Association. In summary, your assessments pay the costs to run a nonprofit, mutual benefit corporation. The collected funds pay for the administration needs of the business, such as insurance, accounting, annual audits, legal expenses, tax filings, banking, membership mailings, delinquent assessment collections, as well as the physical maintenance of the monument, tot lot, marina dock maintenance, common area park, including landscape maintenance, tree trimming, irrigation repair and maintenance, landscape replacement, irrigation water and electrical power.

In addition, the corporation is required by State Legislature to set aside a specific portion of the assessments in a Reserve Account to fund the repair and maintenance of capital improvements, such as entry monuments, irrigation controllers, wall and fence maintenance/replacement, etc..